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Lemonflow provides a fast, intuitive and awesome way to track what happen on your Bubble website. I really recommend it.
Analytics is a must-have for developing an MVP on Lemonflow makes it really simple.
With Lemonflow I can see in real time what my users are doing on my Bubble app and make decisions with real data.

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Receive insights relevant to your business and create the right product for your early adopters.

Real-time user analytics

Stop wondering who your users are or what they do when they are on your app. Get all the details at a glance and stay connected with them.

Real-Time User Analytics

Live Events

Easily track events such as user signed up, plan upgraded, and anything else that is important to your business. It's up to you.

Live Events

Measure stickiness to your product

Track how users engage with your main features. Select your core events, and get an overview of your active users on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Measure stickiness to your product

Find out why people love your app allows you to deliver new features faster than ever. But are they really being used? Track any feature in your app and get the answer immediately.

Find out why people love your app

Get live updates

Sometimes, perfect timing is what matters. Get real-time notifications whenever something important happens on your website.

Get live updates


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Lemonflow makes analytics on simple and easy.

Build for MVP


You just launched your project and want to quickly observe how your users interact with your MVP. Lemonflow provides you with actionable metrics in order to make better decisions
Lemonflow Plugin for

Bubble Plugin

Setting up Lemonflow takes only a few clicks with our Bubble plugin. Install it, track your events and get relevant insights in no time at all.
Build for NoCode Developers

NoCode Developer

As no-code developers, we like to keep things simple. Most existing product analytics solutions require specific Marketing knowledge. With Lemonflow, you don't need any prior experience.


Early access to all Lemonflow features - for free!

Lemonflow is currently in an early access phase, which means you can sign up and discover our features all for free.

After this period, we will continue to offer free access to all Bubblers.
We will also offer a Pro package that works with most apps - tracking several thousand monthly active users, premium features, and more.
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We are a community-driven company, meaning we rely on feedback from our early adopters to improve Lemonflow.

From questions on product features to exchanging ideas about Analytics in general, we take these things very seriously at Lemonflow. You'll never have to search for answers anywhere else.

You can even contribute your ideas about what you would like the next Lemonflow features to be. Please share your thoughts with us on Lemonflow Community!
Lemonflow Community
Build for developers

Built by a developer just like you

After developing a lot of projects using, I found that it was difficult and time-consuming to obtain relevant and actionable insights from my early adopters.

Current analytics solutions don't take into account the ecosystem's specificities. They aren't adapted to the needs of self-funders or small teams like us. They require domain expertise to function properly.

As no-code developers, we don't want to spend time configuring analytics tools and having complex dashboards or reports with metrics we will never use.

So I spent months developing a tool that enables Bubblers to get relevant insights and metrics about their project instantly with no prior experience or setup time needed.

The result is Lemonflow, which we're now ready to share with the community. You’ve just created your Bubble app and launched it to the world?
Lemonflow is for you!
Lemonflow funder
Nacim, Lemonflow founder

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